DART is a Scottish Registered Charity (SCIO SC04959) dedicated to the regeneration of Darvel town, our community and the surrounding area.

Darvel is a historic town, a friendly vibrant community situated at the head of the Irvine Valley, Ayrshire. Surrounded by beautiful countryside we are an ideal location to raise a family, commute from or enjoy a safe and fulfilling retirement.

In common with many small towns, Darvel’s local services, facilities and infrastructure have deteriorated and are impacting the quality of life for our community. Our focus is on the regeneration of our town, community, local services and businesses.

Working with other local volunteers and groups, our goal is to improve our public spaces, the appearance of our town, the provision of services, the participation in local events and initiatives, the use of neighbourhood businesses and to improve engagement with local decision making and democracy.

In its heyday Darvel was a world centre for lace manufacturing and the birthplace of Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. We are proud of our heritage but our regeneration goal is not to recreate the past. Our focus is on the future – building upon the vibrancy of our community to improve our town, facilities and services.

Our Portfolio page describes what we are currently doing. If you’d like more information get in touch via our Contacts page.

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