How to become a DART Volunteer…

Voluntary work can be hugely rewarding. Especially when it is focused on something local that you are passionate about and can see the results of your efforts.

DART is always looking for talented, enthusiastic and energetic volunteers. There is much to do. No matter what your skills and experience we will have a local project you can manage or become involved in.

You can join apply to join DART in one of three roles. Associate, Member or Trustee.

DART Associates assist in the delivery of projects or significant work packages. Associates have a strong voice in the direction and decision making but do not have voting rights.

DART has 11 Members including Trustees who are also Members. Members have voting rights. A Member is expected to manage a project or a significant work packages.

Our Trustees have responsibilities under the law. Being a charity DART has a privileged place in society and carries legal responsibilities. We have 5 Trustee positions – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Projects & Fund Raising. You can learn more about being a DART Trustee on our Trustee page.

No matter if you are a Trustee, Member or Associate we have lots of interesting local projects you can be involved in. Volunteering for DART is rewarding and you get a chance to work with and share knowledge and learning with other like minded people.

Anyone 16 years or older can apply to join. DART is a non-political, equal opportunities charity open to everyone.

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